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Our Partners

Association for Educational Development

The Association for Educational Development (AED) is a California non-profit organization that provides financial support and management consulting services to a variety of women’s organizations and initiatives in the United States and abroad. Beverly Cultural Center is owned and operated by AED.


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Walnut Grove Cultural Center

Walnut Grove Cultural Center offers a variety of intellectual, cultural and spiritual programs for women in the greater Los Angeles area and across the Southwest, helping women strengthen their character, family life, friendships and work ethic.


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Westfield Residence

Westfield Residence is a student residence and cultural center for college women, located next to the UCLA campus. Westfield inspires women to think globally, work with a social conscience and acquire skills to become catalysts for positive change in the community.


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Aster Study Center

Aster Study Center is dedicated to enriching the lives of young women in southern California so they become a positive force in their family, with their peers, and in the larger society. With activities focused on human, cultural, intellectual, spiritual and professional development, Aster emphasizes service as the heart of leadership.


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Chestnut Study Center

Chestnut Study Center aims to foster an understanding of the important role women have in shaping society through their work and personal integrity. Located near UC Berkeley, Chestnut provides faith support to students and professionals in the Bay Area through mentoring, spiritual direction, and professional and cultural development.



Charwick Study Center

Charwick Study Center is a non-profit corporation located in the heart of Silicon Valley with the mission to inspire and educate women to live with integrity, work with professional excellence, and serve their families and communities. To achieve this, Charwick organizes activities that foster character development and spiritual growth for women of all ages and backgrounds.


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Trumbull Manor

Trumbull Manor is a conference center located in Novato, California, that offers retreats and workshops as an opportunity to reflect on one’s everyday occupations, family life and relationships with God and others in light of the basic truths of the Catholic faith.


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OptimalWork is an online productivity tool that helps people to live their highest ideals in even their smallest actions. By learning to practice a “golden hour” of work, students and professionals grow in focus, energy and resilience, allowing them to bring their best selves to every aspect of their day.


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