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Networking event: Montemare and Beverly Cultural Center

In late September, Montemare, a community of young college women who aim to grow as individuals and leaders in our society, hosted “Making the Post College Transition” evening with Beverly Cultural Center. As a recent college graduate, I was intrigued by the title itself, and the event surpassed my expectations. The evening included time for networking and a panel Q&A discussion covering the healthcare, STEM, design, and entertainment workplaces. Four of Beverly's young professionals shared their time and clever tips with us: Athena Bernas (ICU nurse studying anesthesiology), Catherine Hempen (engineer), Mary Hoffman (architect), and Micky Ferguson (post-production TV assistant). Some of the topics we touched upon were: forming habits, first job life lessons, managing and maintaining communication with college friends, and financial advice. We learned plenty of tips for handling life after school - my favorites include: look for loan forgiveness, learn to say no, get used to uncomfortable conversations, and make time for friends

Coming to this event, I was concerned and stressed about how I was handling the job search, pursuing higher education, and moving back home. During the panel, we were constantly reminded that we all have our own pace and not to worry, everything will fall into place. Witnessing the sincerity and tranquility of these young women as they spoke eased a lot of my concerns. I left the event with a clearer vision, hope, and excitement for the challenges to come with this transition. Thank you to all the young women who gave their time, it truly inspired the women of Montemare.


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