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Tuesday Talks: Connect and Inspire

What do you do when COVID has you cooped up indoors? Grab a camera and broadcast a talk show! At least that’s what Beverly Cultural Center did to reach out to all the young professionals who were isolated in their apartments during the lock-down. And so, Tuesday Talks: Connect and Inspire was born. Broadcasting live every week on Instagram, Tuesday Talks highlighted inspirational young professional women who shared their experience in making positive changes personally, spiritually and professionally during these current circumstances of isolation and uncertainty.

To kick off the initiative on April 21, Kate Bryan—founder of 1 Girl Revolution—spoke about joy as the new contagion, and how one girl’s tenacity and optimism can lift a whole community. The topics of other episodes ranged from finding humor in everyday life and pursuing your gifts to forging a growth mindset at work and finding the right balance for wellness.

To catch these inspiring conversations, follow us on Instagram @beverly_pros.



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